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Lifeomicsdx brand is owned by Virtus Health Partners.

Headquartered in Kuwait, Virtus Health Partners associates and collaborates between Industry experts, Academia, global institutions and leading private sector companies.



Virtus Holding, building business since 1977, is engaged in trade & service of a wide range of products in our core fields of Health, Science & Education. We have embraced Information Technology as an enabler for standardizing workflows and providing decision support tools.

Over 750 people, employed across a number of operating companies, in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar & India deliver a superior customer experience (Turnover 2020 – USD 120 Million).

People are our most important resource: nurturing and enabling them, developing critical thinkers and empowering stewards capable of driving growth. Proactively managing our HR requirements, we are increasing headcount annually, constantly seeking both fresh and experienced hands in various spheres of our activity.

Growth requires discipline: the discipline to engage in continuous improvement, to continually invest in training, to meet commitments of performance and quality, to drive future growth through proof of concept pilots, to collect receivables, to be fiscally prudent, to deliver consistently growing dividends: and at all times be drivers of change that challenge status quo in delivering a "Superior Customer Experience".

Building on the foundation of "A Commitment to Excellence" in the products and services offered, "Enabling Excellence" in our people and processes, we are now "Powering Excellence" 

Transforming healthcare is not easy, and there are no quick fixes.

However, by thinking outside the box and using the latest technology to pursue a model that demands robust provider collaboration and data sharing around patient needs, organizations can start to make progress. 


Develop a network of Centers of Excellence in specialized health services throughout GCC


Deliver exemplary healthcare for a diverse society leveraging the resources of both the public and private sector working together with International partnerships in a transformative healthcare delivery model.


Build | Transform | Engage


Virtus Health Partners applies the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility standard to integrate and implement socially responsible behavior into its organizational and corporate culture and adopt the guidance of the standard as integral to the Company's affairs, policies and procedures.

Mountain Cliff Hiker


Life is a journey, and not a destination. A goal is only a milestone, and with the achievement of each goal we will set another more challenging one. It is a quest for continuous improvement and the root cause of any undesirable outcome must be identified and removed. How can we do more with less, and what can we do to take out inefficiencies in our thoughts and our actions. We are responsible for the outcome. We shall be a disciplined people engaging in disciplined thought and action. 

Chairman - Virtus Holdings

Our Approach

We approach every project with a core set of Strategic Objectives

  • Highest Quality of Care

  • Implementation of Clinical Best Practices & International Accreditation

  • Improved Efficiency & Access

  • Rationalization of Healthcare Delivery Costs & Sustainability 

  • Knowledge Transfer & Education

  • Digital Transformation



I am the master of my destiny. I know that everything is created twice – first in the mind and then in the material world. I am able to accomplish anything I can think of. I shall no longer say I can’t.


I am motivated by the meaning of my life. I embrace stewardship and shall never deviate. I persevere knowing that obstacles are the stepping stones to growth.


I am passionate about my vocation and delivering with excellence. I understand that empowerment requires a balance between freedom, support and control: encouragement and a light touch are often the best way.


I understand that everything has to happen in its own good time. I am not rushed or anxiously waiting for people to change.


Using my great power of transformation, I take each circumstance, situation and event for the deeper meaning that is so often hidden. I know everything is for the best and will stretch in divine order.


I create beauty wherever I am, speaking softly, respecting the nature of each one in my contact. I express myself without pretense and without offense. 


I am at peace with myself and with the world outside. I will embrace each day with discipline in thought and action.

Virtus Holding






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