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What if there was a way for you to give your patients the edge?

LifeomicsDx for Professionals

Lifeomicsdx helps healthcare providers to offer Non-invasive and convenient solutions for screening, accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies for major non-communicable diseases.  We focus on Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Mental Health, Alzheimer’s’ Disease, Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Tissue Disorders. 


Lifeomics for professionals
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In addition to external factors like lifestyle choices, complex diseases cannot usually be attributed to only one genetic abnormality; the expression and severity of a disease often results from the effects of multiple genes. The identification of “disease signatures” using artificial intelligence and machine learning are important to fully understand the disease and identify molecular targets for both diagnosis and therapy i.e., personalized medicine. 

Lifeomicsdx works only with fully accredited and certified international reference labs in the USA and UK that offer clinically validated platforms for advanced molecular diagnostics.  Integrated and comprehensive reports with insights that are useful for differential diagnosis, inform personalized treatment decisions, risk assessment/stratification, prognosis, potential adverse drug reactions, drug repurposing and treatment monitoring.

This is the promise

of Precision Molecular Diagnostics

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Non-communicable disease prevention and control


Non-Invasive Cancer Solutions for screening, diagnosis, therapy management and follow up

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