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18 Million

Women and men are diagnosed with various cancers annually

2nd leading cause of death globally

accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths, or one in six deaths


Cancer Cases per minute are detected.


cancer related deaths every minute

Due to changes in lifestyle as well as other risk factors, cancer cases and deaths are slated to increase in the future.

Cancer is a ticking time bomb globally.

Detecting cancer early is vital to saving lives. 

Lifeomicsdx' Cancer Screening Solutions are Powered by Datar Cancer Genetics.

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By Finding Ways to Work Together 

We make a Difference

We provide Non-invasive Cancer Solutions for screening, diagnosis, therapy management and follow-up

Truecheck™ Intelli

Annual Multi-Cancer Screening Test

Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of multiple cancers in asymptomatic individuals. Melanoma, Head and Neck, Salivary Gland, Thyroid, Lung, Breast, Liver, Biliary Tract, Gastro-Intestinal, Soft Tissue and Osteosarcomas, Mesothelioma, Urinary Tract, Gynaecological, Male Cancers including Prostate, CNS, Thymus, Adrenal, Skin.


Deep Genomic Analysis for your patient with advanced cancer.

celldx™ can support targeted therapy through evaluation of companion diagnostic therapies across several cancer indications and clinical trials matching across all solid tumors. It also can help inform immunotherapy decisions by including genomic signatures including MSI, TMB and PD-L1 status, PD-L1 TPS and/or CPS status, PD-L1 SP142.  


Blood-based liquid biopsies for all solid organ tumors

Cancertrack™ is a non-invasive blood based investigation that detects cancer derived biomarkers with ultra-high precision, specificity and reliability. Cancertrack™ can be used to monitor the disease / recurrence or changes in the tumor characteristics, as often as necessary, without the cost, risk and consequences of radiation from scans, hospitalisation, anaesthesia or painful surgical biopsies.


Integrative Actionable Tumor Investigations

Exacta® is a comprehensive, in-depth, integrative, cellular, and molecular tumor analysis, which parses millions of data points to present actionable vulnerabilities of the tumor for effective treatment strategies. Exacta® multi-analyte and multi-coordinate investigations that integrate genomic alterations in >400 genes and perturbation in expressions of 20,800 genes to unravel actionable mutations and pathways propelling cancer. Exacta® can identify the most efficacious drugs for every individual cancer and thus enables highly sophisticated treatment strategies beyond conventional perspective, even for difficult refractory cancers.


Non-invasive diagnostic biopsy for solid organ cancers

Trublood® is a revolutionary non-invasive, cost-effective, safe and accurate blood test that can substitute invasive biopsies in most suspected cases of solid tumors and brain tumors.  TruBlood® is a non-invasive, blood based investigation to: triage symptomatic individuals who have been advised an invasive tissue biopsy to check for malignancy; for patients where an invasive biopsy has been inconclusive or inconsistent with clinical observations; and for suspected metastatic relapse to rule out new primary

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